Indoor Flexible Beans Bag


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  • Size: 95cm x 80cm
  • Outer Cove Material: Spandex
  • Beans Material: Styrofoam 3mm
  • Color: 5 colors (Gray, Tosca, Maroon, Misty, Navy)
  • Weight: 4.25kg
  • Made in Indonesia

How to Use

Place beans in the room and ready to use (see picture for example of use)

  How to Wash Outer Cover
  1. Remove the outer cover from the bean bags
    Position the inside out while washing and close the ziper. Do not mix with clothes of other colors.
  2. Washing
    Use the lowest play mode (delicate) and use cold water. Use liquid detergent during washing. Do not use bleach.
  3. Dry
    Dry the outer cover towards the widening. Dry until dry to avoid the appearance of fungus.
  4. After drying the outer cover is ready to use again


It is recommended to change the sitting position to change as it may affect the durability of the product. If your beansbag feels less dense / too stretched (stretch) please do:

  1. Wash outer cover
    When the beanbag feels less dense / too stretched (stretch), please do outer cover washing The washing process can restore the density of fabric fibers like all
  2. Refill styrofoam details
    Styrofoam refills can make the beanbag solid again
  3. Replace outer cover
    If you have done both of the above but your beanbag still feels less dense, please replace the outer cover with a new one


  1. Do not open the inner cover except to refill styrofoam details
  2. Do not tear the inner cover
  3. Use for infants should be under parental supervision
  4. It is recommended to always use inner & outer cover during use
  5. Keep out of reach of children when refilling styrofoam details
  6. Do not smoke on beans bag, keep away from fire because the material is flammable
  7. Keep away from wet / damp places to avoid moldy products
  8. Keep away from sharp objects as the material is easily torn


  1. The guarantee is valid for 5 days after the item is received by the buyer
  2. The guarantee applies if the buyer sends a photo or video when unboxing the product
  3. Guarantee only applies to seams on the cover (inner or outer)
  4. Guarantee in the form of repair or replacement of the cover (inner or outer), according to damage.
Weight 4.25 kg


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