Bentong Ginger Tea

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Net Weight: 200g (16pcs, individual packaging)
Best before: March 2022
Product care: Store in cool and dry place
Country of origin: Malaysia
1. No artificial coloring
2. No artificial flavors
3. No Preservatives
4. 100% natural ingredients (Wolfberry, Jujube, Bentong Ginger, Brown Sugar)

Prevent Cold, Relieve Cough & Resolve Phlegem, Prevent Hands & Feet Cold, Replenish Blood,
Stimulate Appetite, Anti Vomiting & Anti-diarrhea, Warm Stomach, Relieve Stomach Cold,
Treat Menstrual Cramps, Warm Uterus & Improve Blood Circulation.

How to enjoy:
Can be boil with any sweet warm soup (Tong Sui).
Eg: Red or Green Bean Soup, Red Dates Soup, Sweet Potato Soup, Tang Yuan, Tofu Pudding as flavoring.

产品名称: 文冬姜母茶
净含量: 200克(内含16粒,独立包装)
保质期: 3月2022年
储存方法: 储存在阴凉干燥处
原产国: 马来西亚
价格: RM25
*不含人造色素,不含人造香精,不含防腐剂, 采用100%天然材料
*成分: 枸杞,红枣,文冬姜, 黑糖


可以配煮任何糖水,如: 红或绿豆水,红枣水,红枣桂圆, 番薯糖水,汤圆,豆腐花的调味糖

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1 review for Bentong Ginger Tea

  1. Tan Kooi Lan

    Reasonable price with strong ginger taste and aroma.

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